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Economy reading time: 4 min publication date: 27.09.2019


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Die Firma Klaxon und Bürgermeister Günther Albel nach Vertragsunterzeichnung

Research and innovation fall on fertile soil in the City of Villach. This has been shown by the multi-billion euro investments by Infineon and “Silicon Austria Labs.” Now another international company wants to do business from Villach: Klaxon Mobility GmbH. “Villach is extremely attractive for innovative companies that work in the areas of advanced technology and research. There has been an investment and building boom for months,” says Mayor Günther Albel. CEOs Andrea Stella and Enrico Boaretto, both originally from Italy, are themselves wheelchair users and place great importance on living independent lives: “Our desire is that wheelchair users can also move around with very little effort. We want to thank the City of Villach for the chance to relocate our business here!”

The company was founded in Italy and develops intelligent mobility solutions for wheelchairs. It has a laboratory in the Technology Park (tpv) and has a total annual turnover of €2 million. The total investment in the Villach site amounts to €3 million. In the next five years, “Klaxon,” with its 50 employees, wants to generate a total turnover of €15 million. In addition, they are also investing in research and development, and have €3.5 million planned for this. Economic Advisor Vice Mayor Petra Oberrauner is pleased: “The former start-up is a success story. There are valuable contacts and synergies in the research environment of the university and Silicon Austria Labs. The tpv Technology Park on the berms of the Drau River offers the headquarters a favorable test environment.”

Klaxon Mobility GmbH

  • In Villach since 2015
    • the company moved into tpv thanks to “build!”
  • The innovative mobility solutions for wheelchairs are sold in 40 countries.
  • Their current number of 11 employees should increase to 50 at their location in Villach.