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Economy reading time: 6 min publication date: 20.12.2020


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WILD-Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Warum und Bürgermeister der Stadt Villach Günther Albel im Gespräch

The innovative high-tech pioneer “WILD Group”, with locations in Austria and Slovakia, secures two hectares of land in the Technology Park.

The high-tech industry is booming in Villach - in spite of the global economic crisis. After Infineon released good financial figures for 2020, now comes the next exciting news. “The WILD Group wants to expand and has got two hectares in the Technology Park under contract,” Economic Consultant and Mayor Günther Albel and WILD CEO Wolfgang Warum announce. 

The company, with locations in Völkermarkt, Wernberg, Vienna, and Trnava (Slovakia), is on a course of steady growth, which even the COVID crisis can’t stop. But especially their location in Wernberg, with 70 employees, is beginning to reach its maximum capacity. This location has successfully specialized in the areas of in vitro diagnostics and additive manufacturing, and at the present time produces components for the currently very sought-after devices for blood analysis and PCR tests.

In addition, WILD Electronics has positioned itself as a center of excellence for electronic engineering and software. Thirty percent of the employees work in technology development and assembly, and work closely with research institutions, universities, and engineering partners. 

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Therefore, the Technology Park Villach, with catalysts like the Silicon Austria Labs research center, the GPS Education & Training Center, or the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, is an ideal environment for us. Here we can strengthen knowledge transfer and promote innovation for our customers. That will lay the foundation for growth.


- WILD-Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Warum

The WILD Group, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, develops and manufactures according to its customers’ orders. Both young companies and established market leaders value the combination of optics, electronics, precision engineering, and application software which is rarely covered at such a high level by other contract manufacturers. The list of products ranges from lab analyzers, 3D printers, and therapy devices to high-performance medical lasers. There are a total of 450 people employed at their four locations.