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Welcome to tpv, Technology Park Villach in the heart of Europe.

Welcome to www.technologiepark-villach.at!

In Villach, the second largest city in Austria’s southern-most province of Carinthia, a City of Villach initiative around 20 years ago led to the emergence of a place where development, science, and education have always gone hand in hand. The site of Technology Park Villach (tpv) is a park-like setting directly on the Drau River, and in addition to offering an innovative environment, primarily fosters networking among companies, enterprises, and training centers which are already located there.

Encouraging the utilization of synergies and the joining of forces is one of tpv's core concepts.

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Entry of the tpv Technology Park Villach
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Technology Park Villach is an international site for advanced technology where more than 700 employees, approximately 1000 university students, and 70 apprentices work, learn, and teach together.

From the beginning, one concept has guided the undertakings at the tpv technology park in Villach: the connecting element is a three-pillar model consisting of research & development, education & training, and business. And still today this concept continues to connect.

In 2001, when the building “T01” was opened and the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and CTR Carinthian Tech Research moved in, the foundation was laid for a business and research site - but much happened before that and a great deal has happened since then. Here you will get a brief history of tpv.

Needless to say, the successful combination of research & development, education & training, and business & industry has been interesting for both Austrian and international companies since the beginning. Get to know the companies that have made tpv their home.

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Yard of the building T02 at tpv in St. Magdalen


Our success can be measured.

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Modern locations call for an attractive environment: tpv is situated only about 10 minutes by car from downtown Villach and can also be easily reached by public transportation options such as buses and the local S-Bahn train. The closest highway access point is about three kilometers away, which guarantees good accessibility by car. Because there is a university, an international campus, relevant accommodation and food options, as well as cultural activities together in one space, an atmosphere is created in which innovation, research, and cooperation are supported.

The City of Villach has for many years pursued an aggressive technology policy, which has led to dynamic momentum, high quality of life, a great site, and an economic upswing in a variety of sectors. With this strategy, prioritizing high-tech in order to create and secure high-quality jobs, Villach has clearly positioned itself and made a name for itself in the Alps-Adriatic region as a high-tech business location.

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The High Tech Campus located at tpv in St. Magdalen